Why I LOVE Essentrics……

We each have a story of how we came about to do one thing…but it’s usually after many other things happened.

   Growing up physical activity was a chore, unsupported by family, encouraged slightly by the school ( cause they had to , I guess ). Having a car to ride along was considered good for social status, even if it meant only to the nearby shop ( or especially then! ). Fast forward to adolescence when time was bound for other things and moving into college ( Law College cause what else looks good on the CV ) started to feel something missing …

and so… the question …..

What I want to do with my life?! Such a daring moment when mom was paying for college!

  Well, of course, I finished and started work as an apprentice lawyer, with a feared female judge by my side for coaching ( imagine me wearing flowers in my hair and dreaming of world peace, while writing depositions for the quarrelsome kind ). Could I have run away faster? And I did….where?….Beauty College..cause that what I wanted to do back then.

Such a relief for my soul….such a shock for the family. Blimey ….a lost potential into achieving higher status.

  But things started to flow …..I started working out alongside my new chosen profession. Soon I discovered I was a beautician that loved to move, especially dance. Listening to my voice and not following the conditioned crowd has opened an array of possibilities!

  Many years and many workouts later the Essentrics love affair happened.

Here I was minding my own business when I read on a forum about exercise of a different exercise. Curious as I was went to youtube to see what’s that about. I think I was only 5 min into doing  an 11 min workout that I was hooked by the way my body felt…I was pretty in tune with it by now and knew immediately that these seemingly easy exercises , so similar with how we move daily, are HEALING in ways i’ve never experienced ( even after doing yoga and pilates for years ). Plus it transformed my body in a beautiful, slender way from doing only 23 min a day!! LIke really..was that even possible?!

And it was…found them hard to follow at the beginning but upon delving deeper realised it to be an intelligent program to rebalance the body..so integrative…wholesome…my skin glowed for God’s sake!

6 months into practicing  daily decided to train as a Level 1 instructor….I still don’t miss a day of Essentrics!!

  An Essentrics instructor or, as I like to call it…A Healing Movement Educator is simply a next stage of life for someone just like you.

Cathy, Level 1 Instructor